• Laminated Material

    • Laminated Material

      This is the material we laminated in our factory and they are unqiue.
  • A4 Display Card

    • Display OA1836C1

      A4 DISPLAY 210*297 MM

      MODEL OA1836C1

    • Display OA1816C2

      A4 DISPLAY 210*297 MM

      MODEL OA1816C2

    • Display OA1818C5

      A4 DISPLAY 210*297 MM

      MODEL OA1818C5

    • Display OA1822C1&C3

      A4 DISPLAY 210*297 MM

      MODEL OA1822C2&C3

  • Poster

    • OA1816 C2

      POSTER  45*100CM 

      MODEL OA1816 C2

    • OA1822C1&C3

      POSTER  45*100CM

      MODEL: OA1822C1&C3

    • OA1836C1

      POSTER  45MM*100CM

      MODEL OA1836 C1

    • OA1818C5

      POSTER  45*100CM

      MODEL OA1818 C5

    • OA1831C2

      POSTER  45*100CM

      MODEL OA1831 C2

  • Wood Display

    • Wood Display

  • Case and Cleaning Cloth

    • EVA Case (Orange,Yellow)

    • EVA Case (Blue&Green)

    • The Nwe OutSpoken square folding glasses case

      Multicolored glasses case, beautiful life!

      Weight: 140g

      L x B x H : 17 x 5.5 x 5 cm

      This case are very light and can be folded

    • OutSpoken lens cloth

      Material : 80% polyester


              and :20% cotton lun

      Weight: 5.5g

      x  B : 18 x  15 cm

    • EVA Case (Red)

  • POP Gift

    • Key Chain

      Key Chain ----Made of Multilayer material.

    • Button

      All these button are made of Multilayer Material.
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